The Foghorn Stringband 'Outshine The Sun' - Self-Release

The Foghorn Stringband are a versatile and enthusiastic quartet who play stringband music with  skill and love for the music that has inspired them through the years.  Now a quartet, they have expanded their range with all the members adding vocals to the 21 songs that have been sourced fromicons as the Carter Family, Hazel Dickens, Charlie Poole and the Stanley Brothers.

In this way they breathe life into songs that are rooted in a different time yet which are, in many cases, as relevant to  today’s audience as they were when first played. Many of  the songs and tunes have an immediate uplifting effect. There are elements of cajun and old school country music mixed into the bluegrass and stringband foundations of the band.

You understand why such  bands were at the centre of social gatherings in the past as you  listen and tap your feet to the music; it would be hard not to be drawn in. But the song choices shouldn't take away from the prowess shown in both the vocal and instrumental departments as this quartet know how to deliver a song to best effect.

This is the sort of  album that may convince those who wouldn't normally be seen listening to what they perceive as a music lost in a fog of time. Listen out and you will hear the foghorn blowing, warning you that these four are coming through and you better be prepared to take notice. It comes in a neat self contained cardboard sleeve too.