Russell Kamp 'Night Owl' - POMO

Ted Russell Kamp is a fine talent and largely unknown on this side of the pond. He has delivered a consistently strong back catalogue of solo records, together with playing Bass in Shooter Jennings, one of the more interesting acts to emerge from the alternative country scene over the last decade.

This is a terrific release, spanning 14 songs and some 50 minutes of great music, fine individual playing and not a little stardust. This self -produced collection was recorded at various locations across the USA, including the occasional hotel room, and the sound quality is both intimate and bright.

Right Down to the Wire; A Whole Lot of You and Me; I Been Watching You, all come and go in a swirl of fine arrangements and atmospheric  playing. The uncertain future painted by When the Radio Goes Dead should be a wake- up call for all free thinking music lovers.

The experience and maturity of all the musicians employed is clear to hear and enjoy across these tracks and the future should hold greater recognition for Ted Russell Kamp on this evidence. A visit to these shores in 2013 is something to consider. In the meantime there is always You Tube to see this fine artist perform. Go out and buy this CD…