Dierks Bentley 'Home' Capitol/Humphead

After the bluegrass base of Bentley's last album Up On The Ridge he has returned to more familiar territory here. Produced by Brett Bevers and Luke Wooten the sound kicks it up a notch or do with Bentley's high-energy take on his brand of contemporary country that while it has it's roots in traditionalism will never be mistaken for a album recorded in the 50s. Which is something that mainstream radio will applaud. As will his many fans. The themes are about having a good time, about relationships and what it means to be at home. As Dierks notes in the booklet home, for him, is many things - his family, his friends, his country or his old D-28. A mix of things that make you feel safe and give you pleasure. The title track itself has been the subject of some controversy but aside from that is song fused with those sentiments on a song that is more reflective that the more good-time songs like Am I The Only One or Tip It On Back. The song selection finds Bentley as co-writer on half the songs, the others are new songs from outside sources picked to fit an overall mood. Most of the songs are about lost or found love and desire. These are themes that relate to Bentley's audience if not to Bentley himself. Home will be a success, it represents the more acceptable sound of major label country-based music. It fuses elements of the music that Dierks Bentley loves which includes country, bluegrass, roots and stadium rock. It suits the place he is right now. The a-team players do exactly what they are supposed to do and many of these songs will become staples in his live set. Home is where the heart is they say and Dierks Bentley is following his heart. You can decide if you also want to follow or not.