Jennifer Drummey 'From Then Till Now Till When' - Self-Release

With a set of songs that deal with the eternalness of relationships Jennifer Drummey has put together an album of her own songs, with a couple of covers, that utilize a tightly-focused band of seasoned players who add rhythm, guitar, pedal steel and dobro textures to paint these songs with a water-coloured folkish Americana. Drummey has a sweet-toned voice that is clear, concise and controlled. She co-produced the album with Ray Calfo and the sound allows her voice it's personal space and gives the musicians their place within the songs. These include Barren Land, a wistful I'll Follow You,the gentleness of Larger Arms and the directness of the hopeful Someday. Drummey's cover of Joan Armstrong's Help Yourself fits well within her range and while Drummey's voice is softer than Armstrong deeper distinctive tone she does the song justice. The album closes with Mae Moore's Bohemia which takes a different approach than the previous songs with its different delivery, partly spoke, partly sung and with some effective atmospheric guitar it closes the album on a high-note and suggest that Drummey can develop her sound the next time out. Interested parties should head for her site where you can hear these songs in the now.