Scotty Alan 'Wreck and The Mess' Spinout

There is an edgy rasp to Scotty Alan's voice and some grit too in his songs which play out the deterioration of a relationship. The Michigan native has recorded the album in Los Angeles with producer and multi-instrumentalist Bernie Larsen and a bunch of fine West Coast players like David Lindley, Ian McLagan and Phil Palapiano. The songs can be up and bright like Ain't Much - "ain't much but I'm all you got" to Dam where things take a definite turn to the darkside- "I'm buildin' this dam for the hole in my heart".These are followed by such titles as Do It Alone to the final track Someone To Fight, which is both resigned and rehabilitative "...I'm Looking for someone to fight the world with", a universal hope and wish. The music though through has not chosen to follow any deep downward spiral but rather is heart-felt and energizing. It is that blend of rock, country and folk that in the 90s was labeled but still has currency simply because it is, while doing nothing new, more timeless and self-contained with, thanks to Larsen and Nick Bolas's mix a clarity and definition that sometimes is missing from many roots albums. This ex-punk rocker has redefined himself as a singer/songwriter who has found a niche that will find favour with many and made a debut album that is full of strong songs which hold together as an extended story, one that is a common enough path that many relationships follow and, as such, makes it something that many can emphasize with while tapping their feet and enjoying the ride.