The JD Hobson Band 'Where The Sun Don't Shine' - Self-Release

The addition of word band designates JD Hobson's move from a solo artist to playing with a full band and the result takes him to a new level as his band are integrated fully into the delivery of these songs. The majority of which are Hobson's with a number of covers drawn from the blues catalogue, although this is not strictly a blues album per se, though it is versed in that part of the Americana mix, it is far more a roots rock affair that draws from 90's Americana bands as well as taking a direct line from the rockier aspects of Bob Dylan's career. The covers include the traditional Blues In The Bottle, Willie Dixon's Spoonful and Mississippi John Hurt's Nobody's Dirty Business as well as Paul Burch's evocative story song Carter Cain. These are songs that deal with the downside of life in an upbeat way. Hobson's own songs tread a similar path with titles like Sick In My Soul, Where The Sun Don't Shine and The Darkest Hour Has Passed ... "at the bottom of this well, I watch grey light ghost parade" that example line shows that Hobson has a way with words as well as a strong enough voice to give meaning to them. The band is a bass, drums, electric guitar and keyboards unit that is well capable of delivering the slow paced bluesyness Belly Of The Beast and Walkin' Out The Door Crying Blues to more uptempo workouts like Desert Road and the aforementioned Carter Cain. This is an assured and solid album that should have a wide appeal and shows the development of this artist that suggests that the Seattle based JD Hobson Band will have fans when they play there and with audiences further afield.