Karen Collins & The Backroads Band 'No Yodeling On The Radio' - Azalea City

Right from the off you know your in hardcore country territory. The title track is a truism and makes the song, which features a fine sample of the art, null and void for radio play except for stations that still play genuine country music. Elsewhere Collins give her twangy voice plenty of scope here. She has her credit on eight of the songs, others come from Ira Gitlin and Geff King, members of the Backroads Band, and two outside credits complete the writing line-up. There are other guests here too, like Mike Auldridge on Resophonic and pedal steel who join the accomplished band to give these songs their motion and emotion. Collins herself contributes rhythm guitar, fiddle and mandolin as well as her distinctive vocals. Gitlin leads the players through the instrumental That There Boogie with drive. A song that hits home is the honky-tonk of Too Much Me, Not Enough You written by Brian McGuire. King sings Mama's In A Honky Tonk Downtown with his deeper voice and baritone guitar giving the song distinction by nature of this. King was a former member of another Washington DC area band Honky Tonk Confidential who also featured a version of the song on their album Your Trailer Or Mine? King and Collins duet on their co-write Parallel Lines a song about a relationship that a couple heading in different directions. Salvation Saloon, a song about a real location is a co-write between Collins and another honky-tonk stalwart Arty Hill about the "last call for salvation" offered inside. The album closes with Barbershop and you know you've had a close encounter with some unkempt country music that would fit alongside other area acts like Zoe Muth and Eilen Jewell, though she may not have their distinction but Collins and her band are making music that is thoroughly enjoyable.