Whispering Pines 'Whispering Pines' - Self-Release

A tree with many branches, Whispering Pines opens with the rock of Move On and then slows the pace down with Come & Play,  which has a more country-rock feel. Much of what you hear here sound like it could have come from the late 60 and 70s country rock movement. Add to that touches of Southern Rock and blues and you have a rootsy sound that will have immediate appeal for many.

There are four writers in the band and that gives the songs a wider range that is apparent in some single writer bands. There is also an attention to the vocal harmonies within the songs that are effective and easy on the ear.

Purest Dreams opens with a burst of guitar that is followed by a strong harmony laden song with harmonica and a long guitar break. The tracks are divided into sides A and sides B though there is no immediately discernible difference between the two sides. Wolfman which opens side B has a slight Stones-ish feel. while Love Is Free is an uptempo songs with strong joint vocals and a good hook. The quieter Sunrise To Sunset again highlights the band’s tightness and also the band’s production, which has them firmly in control of their own sound and musical direction. The songs are immediately and could fit in any number of formats. Fine Time again sounds like it was recorded back in the early seventies, as does the gentle country rock of Broken Spoke which is another highlight of the vocal contributions of the four writers, each of whom sings their own compositions, while the others provide strong vocal support.

Whispering Pines cover a number of bases with their music but do so in way that absorbs their influences to create something that , while being rooted in previous times is  ready to bring it to a contemporary audience.