Various Artists 'Pa's Fiddle: The Music Of America' - Compass Records

From the rousing opening by Ashton Shepherd to the final All Join In of the Pa's Fiddle Ensemble this DVD and CD are a fine tribute to the sound and visual treat that is the Loveless Barn in Nashville Tennessee. Having recently seen a recording of Music City Roots there earlier this year, this was a welcome revisit to one of the finest venues it has been my pleasure to attend.

Pa's Fiddle is a twin DVD/CD set of a concert in January 2012 which pays homage to the music remembered in the writings of Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder and her memories of music played by her Dad as she grew up. Under the sympathetic stewardship of musical director Randy Scruggs an A List backing band lays down a top class musical red carpet for the equally A list of performers to strut their stuff  on, in an audience-pleasing evening of glorious nostalgia.

It would be unfair to single out any particular track or singer and there are too many to individually list here, but I guarantee that if you see the DVD then the CD will be a permanent passenger in your car for personal or family sing-a-longs.Much credit is due to Compass Records for their continued commitment to projects like this and we in turn should support their efforts by putting our money where our hearts are in making this a success.

Selfishly I have to admit that seeing and listening to the Roys is always a treat and its great to see Randy Travis looking good and sounding just like his old self. As a bluegrass radio DJ, I get a special kick out of seeing Shad Cobb on banjo, Matt Combs on fiddle and the ubiquitous Dennis Crouch on bass included in the band. Ashton Shepherd is riveting with her opening song O California and 16 tracks later, like the attending crowd, I was hollering for more.

There are a lot of recent rootsy Americana collections available but this one is special.Like the author whose memories it celebrates it should be around for quite a while to come.