Dan Stevens 'My Life Of Adventure' - Gatorbone

Stevens is a man full of life, a robust singer who,  from the off,  sings the title track with the joie de vivre of a pirate sea shanty. His folk songs tell of his travels such as Austin Bound and Kerouac's Dream, of a conscientious objector who continued to meet hard times in Bruised Knees and the summing up a well-lived life in I Ain't Old, I'm Vintage.

The musicians play a range of acoustic instruments; at times they add bass and drums and pedal steel to bring a little country to the folk feel which  permeates the album. There is a sense of humour and love of the simple truths that these songs evoke. Stevens has a forceful, big voice that suggests there's little Dan Stevens would rather do that write and sing his songs and that, in itself, is it's own reward.

The production, by Lis and Lon Williamson, who also contribute as players, give the songs settings that are needed to bring them alive. In many ways this is old school, something that would appeal to fans of the likes of Tom Paxton.  There are no surprises, no barriers pushed here, rather Stevens lays out his observations of his life, his family. Many of the songs are written in the first person and you feel that you have an insight into Stevens' worldview and you certainly get to know his music which is easy to listen to and easy to like.