Finnders & Youngberg 'I Don't Want Love You Won't Give Until I Cry' - Swingfingers

A Colorado play acoustic music quintet who fit somewhere between bluegrass and country in overall context. Their songs are originals written, for the most part, by singer Mike Finnders. He also plays the guitar and is joined at the vocal microphone by Erin Youngberg who is also the band's bassist. These two have a strong vocal presence that speaks of a growing maturity and experience. The band is completed by Aaron Youngberg on banjo and pedal steel (an which instrument he plays tends to define on which side of the line the song falls) and Ryan Dickey, who plays the fiddle and Rich Zimmerman who is the mandolinist. 

Together they make a strong sound that even when a song takes a more grounded path as on Infidelity and Lonely Too Long shows the diversity of vision. Hey Ramona is almost a foot stomping instrumental that has just a brief chorus to help it on it's way. The title track on which Erin takes the lead vocal and husband Aaron plays steel is delivered as a bitter/sweet tale of late-at-night longing and hurt.

Although this is a six track ep the band manage to convey their skills and understanding and love of the Americana roots music they have chosen to play. As individuals they have all been involved in the local music scene but their coming together has created something that has the potential for even bigger appeal. The band have a previous full length album and can be seen live on some fun YouTube videos that suggest that the next full length album will have the potential to be special.