Michael Mattice 'Comin’ Home'

In the liner notes, Michael Mattice dedicates this recording of ten songs to the purchaser and asks that we follow our dreams, listen to our hearts and never give up. This could well be a summary of the life of a musician who is trying to be heard above the endless parade of talent across many crowded stages.

This talented musician has a qualification in music from the Berklee College of Music in Boston and this collection represents his debut release as a guitarist and singer-songwriter. He has a pleasant voice and his musical virtuosity extends to playing all instruments across the ten songs.

With only acoustic guitar and bass accompaniment throughout, we are asked to ignore the inevitable feeling of repetition and focus on the playing quality to keeps matters from becoming somewhat predictable.

Songs of hope and words of encouragement abound and this young artist gives thanks to the World and his life journey thus far.  ‘No I don’t ask why, ‘cause how could I deny, the workings of the great mother in the sky’.

Perhaps God is female after all?