Rebecca Pronsky 'Only Daughter' - Nine Mile

Rebecca Pronsky hails from Brooklyn, New Jersey and she has three previous releases to her name, the earliest of which dates back to 2003. She writes all of the songs and has her husband, Rich Bennett, to add not only guitar, keyboards & ukulele but also production credits. The one cover version is an interesting choice, Glenn Tipton by Mark Kozelek. It is a dark song whose ambiguity caused many discussions upon its release. Rebecca Pronsky brings innocence to the song arrangement and a new perspective with her airy vocal. Equally on the track The Garden, she sings that these are dark times while laying down a strong beat to the rhythm of uncertainty.

We also have Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche, guesting mother & daughter, singing on the up-tempo beat of Better That Way, reflective lyrics and all. Another is an interesting song that speaks of the passing of idealism for a cause. Having implored everybody to Rise Up against mediocrity with the opening track of this cd, it is as if the protagonist has admitted the defeat of the weary traveller who has lost her thunder and now only aims to please.

The final track brings a jaunty swing to the otherwise serious lyricism of the earlier songs by pleading for a lover to Please Forget Me. The playing displays a light touch throughout with some fine guitar parts by Rich Bennett. This is an engaging release and worthy of your attention.