Christa Couture 'The Living Record' - Self-Release

This is the third release from Christa Couture, a Canadian singer/songwriter who is largely unknown in Europe but whose talent is undoubtedly rich and vibrant. The twelve songs included here display great insight and perspective. There is a wisdom and yearning in these creations that makes the listening experience both challenging and uplifting in equal measure.

Her last release was in 2008 and since that time Christa has endured great personal loss in her life with the passing of her son. To say that she has bravely tackled the myriad of emotions and questions that such a life defining event has upon a young mother, is to understate the beauty and grace contained in the songs on display here.

Her acceptance and understanding that bad things happen to good people is interlaced through the lyrics, to such an extent that it is hard to listen without being greatly moved with the bare honesty running through these songs.

The renowned  Canadian  producer, Steve Dawson, musician and songwriter, is at the control panel and creates both flawless and sensitive arrangements that are beautifully delivered by a group of musicians who serve the songs with impeccable talent and taste.

We have songs with memories of time spent in Michigan, Louisiana and London; of people who brought something special to her life experience along the difficult path that was taken. Somewhere in between, we get the chance to reflect upon the journey that we all take towards an uncertain tomorrow.

An Invitation in Three Parts is a quite stunning creation and one that tears at the heart of this artist. It is a truly beautiful piece of writing that everybody should get the chance to hear.

Elsewhere, tracks like Parasite and Lucky or Lost display great musicianship that colour the song melodies and elsewhere, the giddy tease of Pussycat Pussycat is a joy to explore. Sing for Me is yet another beautifully realised piece of writing where the writer sings “I don’t need a destination I just need to walk”.

The Way of the Dodo looks to the hope that everybody can endure and grow from having survived a life changing experience; ‘I am the living record, I am the work of art that was made by your presence – the shape you made of my heart’. 

This CD ranks as my favourite listen of the year so far and comes highly recommended.