Melinda Ortner 'I Wanna Be OK" - Self-Release

This collection of up-tempo pop songs is arranged and produced by Asaf Rodeh and written by Melinda Ortner.  A debut release of some merit, the twelve cuts give a variety of big production sonic structures and mood textures. The overall groove is very bright with the fine Bass playing of producer Rodeh very prominent in the mix.

Ortner has a pleasant voice and the background vocals fill out the arrangements in an impressive manner. No thoughts of holding back in the quest for glory here; Melinda Ortner is going for gold and taking no prisoners along her path.

 Caught in the Middle has a funky groove coupled with a cry to be understood in the lyrics. Jezebella has hit single written all over it with a slight nod to the iconic Footloose guitar riff.  Another Chance channels Evanescence in the big production dynamic, but no less an enjoyable experience for it.

The closing track Maybe is a fine song, played on simple acoustic guitar and points to a direction that this talented songwriter might aspire towards in the years that lie ahead.