Matt Woosey Band 'On the Waggon' - Self release

This is a blues release from an English singer/songwriter who has been gigging live for many years. Matt Woosey is a talented guitar player and sings with sufficient gravel in his voice to keep the listener engaged throughout the twelve songs on offer.

There is a temptation to refer to American Delta Blues in the opening songs that sing of freight trains and mean lovin’ women. However, I hear sufficient influence of the great John Martyn in the music to stay on this side of the Atlantic and to enjoy the groove that Matt Woosey is delivering. Don’t Need Money is a particularly fine example of this inspiration

Some of the lyrics could do with a little flavouring but the playing is enjoyable, with the  trio being completed by Jim ‘E’ Williams on drums & percussion and Adji Shuib on bass.

She Just Called is a slow blues that winds towards a pleasing destination and the loose jam feel to That’s My Baby is the standout track here and a live favourite, I am sure.

There is some fine slide guitar playing on the track Woke Up This Morning which echoes the spirit of  Elmore James. The album finishes with a blues burn on Dopey Mick that starts with plenty of straining guitar but quickly transforms into  a five minute  drum solo;  some would call this excessive but I just think that it is a poor way to finish what is otherwise an enjoyable listen.

Paul McGee