Tim Barry '40 Miler' - Xtra Mile

The fist that forms the central part of the logo graphic on the cover is a pointer to the confrontational element of the music. That element is often directed at the songs subject rather than an outside source, but they're a target too. Driver Pull is about leaving on a train and not particularly caring where exactly. Barry leads a spirited band that features acoustic guitar, violin, bass and percussion as a base and adds banjo, piano, electric guitar, organ and harmonica to the line-up as required.

The songs range from the quieter reflection of Driver Pull to more intense situation of Adele and Hell, wherein he laments to the lady in question her course of action on a number of situations. That one of those situations is pawning his gun for his bail suggests that this is not some neat garden suburban setting. This is borne out by the titles and subjects of such songs as Hobo Lullaby, Banker's Dilemma and Fine Foods Market. This is the attitude of punk transferred to earthy folk rock. 

Tim Barry has a hard-edged, worn and worldly voice that is central to the songs being believable and boisterous, although there are times when the songs are delivered with restraint but always with an understanding of the song central message.

There is a hard underbelly to the stories told. These are people on the edge but being there gives them a comradeship that may be all they are left with. 40 Miler has an energy and ebullience that brings the songs out of any sense of depression that the titles might imply and in that they celebrate the human spirit in a rough shod way that gives them their heart.