Joanna Mosca 'Let It All Begin' - Dolce Diva

This six song EP from NYC resident Joanna Mosca is a pleasant listen without challenging the established country music genre to any great degree. There are a number of references to driving and the old cliché of leaving town, or a lover, crop up.

The final track Where Does Love Go is a duet with Lonestar’s Ritchie McDonald and is perhaps the standout performance here. Let It All Begin is also a well- produced number with a nice guitar part and the opening Dream on Savannah is very catchy. However, there is a feeling of having heard it all before under the names of other female artists that have covered similar ground.

Joanna has a pleasant voice and an interesting background in acting. She was under the tutelage of Sir Anthony Hopkins at one point and I am sure that she does not lack stage confidence. However, stronger song content would serve her well on the next release.