Brandy Zdan 'Lone Hunter' - Cavalier

Another one of these popular EP type of releases that allows a quick insight into an artist's ability and ambition. Zdan is the main singer/songwriter on these six songs of anguish and loss. Titles like I Remember When You Used to Love Me and Does Everything Break? suggest that some of Zdan's primary inspiration comes from less than happy times. But that is quite often the way that the wheel turns in this songwriter's world. 

Zdan's voice had the haunting quality of a lone bird of prey that swoops around the sad nature of the songs. George Reiff's production has space that allows each song its time and place. Does Everything Break? is a stripped back song that underscores the song's mood with some sparse pedal steel guitar from Ricky Ray Jackson and electric guitar and lap steel from Zdan.  Blood as Ink has a dominant beat and some reverb guitar, again played by Zdan, that is in keeping with the mood of the central refrain of "blood as the ink, tear in the heart". The title song employs synthesiser and acoustic guitar to underline the question of what is love and where can it be found? The heavy heart beat drum is again the backbone of I Remember When You Used to Love Me.

Zdan is a touring member of the Austin based band The Trishas and has also released two albums as Twilight Hotel with Dave Quanbury. But as a solo artist she has a distinctive quality that allows here to find her own space and individuality. Lone Hunter is more of an ambient, anguished folk that obvious Americana or roots music. That said, Brandy Zdan is a expressive artist and this music is as confessional as it is emotionally consumed and consumable.