Davy Jay Sparrow and his Western Songbirds "All Nite Long" - Self-Release

That the band playing behind Davy Jay Sparrow has become the Western Songbirds rather than his Well-Know Famous Drovers is an indication that Sparrow moves has become bigger and more rooted in western swing. That his new band is a completely different set of musicians than on his previous album indicates there are musicians out there who want to play this music. They do so with relish with Sparrow upfront in full Bob Wills mode urging his troops on as well as playing great fiddle and guitar. He's leading from the front.

The music was recorded line in a single session which explains the vibrancy of the performances and the live feel that the music has. Although Sparrow has a great feeling for the music of the past these are originals songs apart from the three traditional songs, the most well know of which is My Bucket's Got A Hole In It. There is no doubting that fans of Wayne Hancock will also love this album. The drums, doghouse bass, guitar and steel guitar are given a run for their money by the alto sax, clarinet and slide trombone. Everyone is having a good time here and that spreads out from the speakers and fills the listening space with swinging sounds.

The jazz influenced blend of hillbilly, boogie, swing, ragtime with the occasional yodel is a potent one that feels as authentic as anything today could. Authenticity may be a buzz word but in reality an overused and somewhat abused one. This is music that is inspired by a different era but is a welcome reflection of that earlier time put not stuck in it. It is made relevant to a new audience by the conviction with which it is delivered. 

The next generation of Sparrow's makes an appearance here, as he did on the last album, and suggest that "Railroad" Jack Sparrow may well be carry this music even more into the future. Doubtless some will not appreciate what's on offer here when played against … well almost anyone currently charting on the country charts,  but that doesn't take away from the fact that Davy Jay Sparrow fans will be listening to this music all nite long.