Rod Picott "Hang Your Hopes On a Crooked Nail" - Welding

A seasoned performer with some fine work under his belt Rod Picott latest album is one that explores the thoughts of a man post-relationship with all the regret and sadness that that entails. Titles like I Might Be Broken Now, Just A Memory, All The Broken Parts are testament to that. The feelings expressed however are more universal and can there be something that others can easily find sympathy with.

The album was produced by R.S. Field who has also brought a wealth of experience to the project placing Picott with a group of players who explore the song's parameters with skill and understanding. Brothers Joe and Mark Pisapia alongside Dave Coleman, harmony vocalist Jennie Okon and producer Field form the backbone of the musicians. They deliver a nuanced and natural sounding Americana mix that uses mandolin, strings, piano, pedal steel and a variety of acoustic and electric guitars over a solid rhythm section that are the bedrock of a strong roots sound. Picott understated but effective vocals and thoughtful words are at the centre of the album's attraction and allure.

Picott along with his friend and occasional co-writer Slaid Cleeves are part of the continuing tradition of singer-songwriters who offer salve to the souls of a range of mature listeners who all face their own dilemmas and look for music that understands. They can find it here. Hang Your Hopes On A Crooked Nails is a line from Dreams that readily sums up the hopes of many and the ability to make the most of what's on offer in life. There is a underlying resilience and an understand of the strength of human spirit that can survive most of the knock backs that life throws at the average person.

But in the end it's the music we're here for and on that score Rod Picott has delivered one of his finest albums to date that shows although the nail may be crooked it still holding firm.