Philip Boone 'A Light & A Line' – Self Release

Originally from Dallas, Texas and now living in Southern California, this singer-songwriter releases his second recording and the twelve tunes here make for a pleasant listen. His voice has a sweet tone and the song arrangements are melodic and easy on the ear.

Beginning with Either Way, the singer displays a self-sufficient attitude to the vagaries of love with the lines ‘either way I’ll be ok; I dust my heart off every day’. Reflective songs that reference good friends such as Margarita, play against up-tempo numbers like Nowhere to be Found

Brother channels the recognition in another of a tired traveller on life’s road; ‘if a brother is what you need, a brother is what I’ll be’. The innocence in the sentiment of One Star is well balanced when looking at matters of the heart against the colder message of After Morning, where love on the run is all that matters.

The playing is very restrained and there is simplicity in the arrangements with guitar, banjo, harmonica, piano and organ blending together into a mix of melody that drives the songs along.

The Truth Is, displays a rather cynical message that sneers at the prospect of making a ‘good thing’ stay, with the refrain that ‘the truth is, I don’t even want to know’. Well ok then and good luck on the hard road to happiness.

The CD ends with a reflective instrumental on piano as a coda to Don’t You Know; an appropriate example of all that has gone before; earnest; heart felt and touching in parts.