Emily Herring 'Your Mistake' - Self-Release

This album is marinated in traditional country but is still something fresh and tasty. Emily Herring is not afraid to be associated with a "country look" either. On the inner sleeve she is pictured wearing a western shirt, cowboy hat and 50's glasses holding a microphone and guitar both also from that era. When you do that you set up expectations and here you're not disappointed. Herring is a fine singer and writer as although it doesn't say on the sleeve I believe she is the writer of the twelve songs here. 

This is Herring's second album and she continues on the path of delivering Texas twang with an individual touch. It has been said that she reminds some of early k.d. Lang which may have as much to do with her look as with her music. But the comparison stands in that both have taken a stylistic approach to their music that provides the complete package of singer, songwriter, performing artist.

Herring plays guitar with her band and she is capable of some pretty good licks too. Throughout the album she uses a selection of players who do a good job of delivering these songs with energy and ability. Overall it is a tight, iridescent, memorable sound that seems a  perfect vehicle for her Austin-based ambience. It has that left-field based sound associated with that town that is miles away from the mainstream current idea of what country music is.