Aidan Curran 'Slide'

This 6-track release from Galway based musician Aidan Curran is an exercise in standard Blues music.

I don’t know about promoting the dubious benefits of alcohol but to urge us to ‘go get a round’ and ‘cure all your ills’ is perhaps not the wisest advice I have ever heard for an opening track, Drink Up.. So, we are told to ‘drink up, when you’re down’ and hope that we live to drink another day.

The second song , Here I Go Again, speaks of getting old on the road and boasts some nice playing and a steady beat.  Autumn Gold is a nice slow burner and the melody is underpinned by some tasty Bass playing from Flossie Ferguson. National Debt is an instrumental piece played on a borrowed National guitar and it is the brightest track on display here, with nice interplay between  the musicians