Kyle Carey 'North Star' - Americelta Records

This second release from Kyle Carey is a mixture of Scottish Gaelic and American folk influences. Carey has lived a colourful life as a citizen of the world and absorbed traditional influences from various sources;  living in an Eskimo village in the Alaskan Bush, studying language and music in Cape Breton Canada, the Isle of Skye and New York City. So we are given a truly transAtlantic artist who includes both American and Celtic styles into her songs. This set of twelve tracks was recorded in various locations; Scotland, Ireland, New England and Louisiana.

Produced by Seamus Egan and including two traditional songs, one in Scottish Gaelic, the self- penned music is rich and played with real heart. The arrangements possess great harmonies and the melodic feel of the many musicians used here translates into a very smooth listen. Kyle sings in a beautifully clear voice and the accompaniment of fiddle, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, viola, cello and guitars help to lift the songs onto a higher level. Wind through Casper, North Star and Winter Fever are all fine examples of the themes of longing and immigration that run through her songs and the cover of Kate Wolf’s Across the Great Divide is a fitting way to bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion.