The Henry Girls 'Louder Than Words' - Beste

This talented Donegal trio of the McLaughlin sisters fits neatly into a broad Americana/roots Irish musical mix. The girls’ harmony vocals are given a strong musical base that sees them joined by a bunch of respected players including producer Calum Malcolm, Nick Scott on bass, Liam Bradley on drums and Ted Ponsonby on acoustic and resonator guitar, among others.

The  majority of the songs are also written by the sister and these include such strong songs as James Monroe and Here Beside Me. The latter features just the voices and Hammond organ and gives the song a different sound that is nonetheless a very effective and appealing album closing track. One of the two non-originals is Bruce Springsteen’s Reason to Believe. Their version uses, as do many of the songs, the distinctive harp playing of sister Joleen. Sisters Karen and Lorna also play fiddle, ukulele and accordion respectively, but all bring their vocal skills to the fore. The trio alternate lead vocals throughout,  with the other two adding the harmony and chorus singing. So Long but Not Goodbye is the other outside choice. It has a 50s style vocal over fiddle and brushed drums and highlights the different influences brought to bear on the album.

They make the blending of their voices seem effortless, but it is that almost uncanny way that siblings are able to bring their voices together to create something that goes beyond just technique to create something so special. That they also write the bulk of the own material further emphasises their talent and in the end the music will speak for them louder than any words. Having said that, they package the music in a very attractive way, better than many a big label and that speaks volumes about commitment.