The Red Pine Timber 'Company Different Lonesome' - Self Release

In my line of listening, I’m used to being gently lulled into a relationship with my review albums, but the opening Lonely Days Are Gone from the Red Pine Timber Company just blew me back into my seat with its full on Beach Boys/Searchers feel. I couldn’t begin to try to pigeonhole this band; let’s just say that after the initial shock I started to look for influences and found all my musical favourites contributing in this pretty impressive project.

With eight members they have enough talent to form several smaller bands, but they manage to combine their skills to give a West Coast Americana sound the freedom to breathe without any obvious interference from the laid back horn section. Gavin Munro and Katie Burgoyne swap and combine vocals on this collection of Gavin’s own tunes, the shortest of which is 3 minutes long. Big guitar sounds and shrill harmonica harken back to an era when rootsy Americana was in its infancy and borrowing from the prevailing LA and Mersey sounds. 

This Scottish-based band have been on the road for about four years and look destined to be around a while yet. They are certainly not an intimate club listen, but as each track is like a mini movie soundtrack, they would need the right hall to give full room to take in the lush combination of all the various instruments. This was a refreshing diversion from my usual acoustic diet and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The final track Oh Sinner Man,  the only cover version on the album, flipped me back to my folk club roots and eased me back to my more familiar surroundings. There is plenty of info on their website at if, like me, they snuck up unannounced.