Michael Austin 'Neon Halo'- Breakin’ the Law

This is a debut release from Missouri born Michael Austin, who, with his band, play under the name of Austin Law. This fourteen track monster is filled with radio friendly songs and has already produced three top 40 hits in 25 countries. This is country-rock with plenty of attitude and up-tempo sounds.

There are songs in praise of woman-kind and the glory of the chase; songs about driving and being a God fearing country boy; songs about living the good life and long distance love. America gets a reverential nod on In America with a theme of living for the flag and the refrain “her future lies in the hands of you & me”.

Your Love is Gonna Kill Me, You had Me from Hell No, Stomp and Take It Like a Man all come out of the speakers with bursting energy and big production. However the key song for this reviewer is the impressive ballad What If I’m Right?, which may point the way for future artistic direction with a fine vocal performance and sensitive playing from the band.  Another new kid in town and he is well worth a listen.