Bennett Jackson ‘Texana’ - Self-Release

          Based in the Lone Star State Jackson recorded this roots rocking set of songs in New York. The songs though largely have their sights set further down South. The eight songs feature a host of guest musicians but Jackson takes guitar duties throughout, playing the lead on two and delivering solid vocals throughout. The songs often take a physical location as their starting point as can be gauged from many of the titles. The most country song here is Denver which has some flowing pedal steel to emphasise that. It’s a song of travel, about following the trail of a lady. Which may also lead on to the next uptempo and more rocking number Leavin’ Town. In fact the fairer sex (along with a variety of locations) seem to be at the core of many of these songs and the places they might be found if the previous titles and Girl From Galveston are anything to go by. Then again it the lack of such contact may be the inspiration behind Oklahoma Loner
         For the most part these are full sounding songs that have as much roots rock as anything with loud drums, big choruses and a wall of guitars. However overall that doesn’t make for a overall sound that hasn't got it’s merits. But in the end it tends to be the quieter less upfront songs like the previously mentioned Denver and Girl From Galveston. These have the most overall resonance for this listener. The title track is a nicely atmospheric guitar instrumental that sounds like it needs a place in a Western movie. The album closes the Oklahoma Loner a song that mixes the rock and country elements and highlights Jackson’s storytelling with a story of further travels and life a man destined to live up to the situation outlined in the title.