Dan Seals 'The Definitive Collection '- Humphead

One of the most underrated singer songwriters of the country music past, Dan Seals left this mortal coil back in 2009. This fine collection of 40 songs across 2 discs pays a fitting tribute to his talents and the variety in his writing. In his purple patch during the 1980’s he stacked up an impressive number of top hits in country charts.

You Bring Out the Wild Side Of Me/God Must Be a Cowboy/ Old Yellow Car/ Meet me in Montana were just a selection of these fine songs that elevated Dan Seals to great heights. With a prior background as one half of England Dan and John Ford Coley, his music was easy on the ear and not dissimilar to a James Taylor experience with the literate and mature playing and dynamic of the song arrangements.

Addicted/You Still Move Me/One Friend and many more selections point to the clear delivery of Dan Seals as a vocalist of great talent and the songs are not overly sentimental, rather poignant and mellow, mixed with the freewheeling sound that defines any country collection of note. This collection is superb value for money and the quality of the content makes for a compelling listen.