Shinyribs 'Gulf Coast Museum'

Kevin Russell, ex Gourds member, is the creative source behind Shinyribs. A tight four piece band that cover country-soul and swamp-funk if you are to believe the promotional notes. Defining such a roots based sound into new categories, does not escape the fact that the nine tunes here are rooted very deeply in traditional country influences.

The vocal delivery of Kevin Russell reminds the listener of John Hiatt and the players accompany Shinyribs with subtle and restrained playing. Drummer Keith Langford, ex Gourds also, lays out a consistently sensitive tempo in the songs and allows the other players to filter guitar and keyboards into the arrangements.

Texas Talking is a fine song that runs along with an upbeat tempo while the cover of the old Harold Melvin classic If You Don’t Know Me By Now, on ukulele no less, is something of a departure. We also are treated to Sweet Potato, a Song of Lime Juice & Despair, Bolshevik Sugarcane and the Limpia Hotel. An interesting production laced with catchy arrangements and all played in a style that hints at greater things to come.