Dex Romweber Duo 'Images 13' - Bloodshot

The latest album from the brother/sister duo of Dex and Sara Romweber continues their exploration of the less trodden paths of blues, rockabilly, surf and country; hardcore Americana twisted roots music. There are some surprises here, not least their version of The Who's So Sad About Us from the early A Quick One album. The other covers here are all interesting and varied within the framework that is the band’s guitar and drums template. There's Jackie De Shannon and Eddie Cochran's partner Sharon Sheeley's We'll Be Together Again written following Cochran’s death. One Side Love Affair was previously recorded by Johnny Burnette and the closing instrumental Weird (Aurora Borealis) features the ethereal sound of the musical saw played by Melissa Swingle of the band Trailer Bride.

These sit alongside compositions from Dexter such as Roll On, Long Battle Coming and Baby I Know What It's Like To Be Alone which prove Dex is equally adapt as a writer as he is a singer and guitar player. But again, this is a duo and Sara Romweber holds up her end with some strident drumming that is an essential part of the package. This is music that is both primal and propulsive, built around bare-bones raunchy rock 'n' roll played with conviction. Something Dex has been doing since his days with Flat Duo Jets.

This is the third album from the duo and will not surprise anyone familiar with the previous albums. It is however a varied listen from the ‘60s British Invasion sound of So Sad About Us to the cooler instrumental sounds of Prelude in G Minor, the surf inspired Blackout! or the atmospheric Weird which sits easily along side the chugging beat of the 50's oriented rock-croon of I Don't Want To Listen. There is always a need for rock to return to its roots. Images 13's twelve songs are never half-hearted but are instead are filled with blood and sweat. You can provide the tears.