Mason Summit 'Absentee' - Self-Release

A debut release by a young performer, aged seventeen, from Los Angeles. Mason Summit has a maturity beyond his years and has attracted some very experienced musicians to fill out the sound and complement his pleasant voice.

The twelve songs here have a light touch in their arrangement, with excellent playing from all those involved. Mason Summit contributes various guitars, organ, dulcimer and vibes, harmonica and pan flute. This is Folk Rock and introspective for such a young voice, perhaps the result of losing his father in 2008?

Early Roddy Frame and Aztec Camera come to mind as this young talent mixes strong melody with a confidence to succeed. Fools in April and Walk on Water are strong songs while the teen tempo of Jésus behind the Ice Cream Cart has hit written across it. Drain ends the set in reflective mood and points to a positive future for this performer