Jace Everet 'Terra Rosa' - Haywood Group Productions

JaceEverett’s new album is an absolute knockout, from its gorgeous cover (designed by Lonesome’s own Stephen Rapid) to the strongest music Jace has ever come up with, which, considering his previous track record is a bold statement, but absolutely deserved.

His inspiration is Biblical stories and parables. Unfortunately I have a very literal mind and overlook metaphors and wouldn’t know a parable if it bit me in the butt, but I love the songs here.

The actual music is bold, powerful and effective, and the words match the music perfectly. The production is superb, by Jace and Brad Jones and unlike much of my listening there is nothing I would like to tweak or eliminate.

When you like an album as much as I like this one it is hard to choose favourites but Pennsylvania where Dan Cohen’s mandolin becomes a narrative voice alongside Jace’s vocals, Lloyd’s Summer Vacation with its sly, discordant humour and its music which evokes both Procul Harum and the Animals and the apocalyptic No Place to Hide are currently my top picks, but they change daily.

Jace has always been a strong singer, using his voice to amplify the pictures his words draw, but his control and use of his voice, particularly his haunting falsetto in parts of Love cut Me Down, is absolutely stunning.

Terra Rosa is a really impressive album, but it is also really enjoyable – you can even whistle it – that I’d recommend to anyone who loves music