Wyatt Easterling 'Goodbye Hello' - Self-Release

A veteran of the music business stretching back to the 1980’s, Wyatt Easterling has experienced many different roles, including producer, record executive, songwriter, singer, and session musician. His second solo album, Where This River Goes was released by High Horse Records in May 2009, which saw a return to the recording studio after many years and now we have Goodbye Hello, the results of a Nashville studio collaboration with record producer Bill McDermott.

The eleven songs on this recording are very well written and the vocal delivery reminds me, in part, of James Taylor. The songs display a fine balance of sympathetic playing and understated delivery and are based around life changes, personal relationships and upheavals with both endings and new beginnings and a few cul-de-sacs along the way.

The musicians are all talented players and the ensemble deliver an easy listen, with lots of light touches and gentle solos. That Day Will Come (advice in love) and Teach Me How to Say Goodbye (the death of a parent) are two mature arrangements that blend together well and Help Me Find My Way sings of finding hope when feeling lost. A fine project that comes recommended.