Sam Outlaw 'EP' - Black Hills

Following on from his very fine Nobody Loves album Californian Sam Outlaw has released a five track EP which was produced by Elijah Thomson. It features Molly Jenson on harmony vocals alongside such players as Jeremy Long on pedal steel, piano and organ and guitarist Brad Lindsay on a bunch of new self written songs that continue the themes of lost love, loneliness and looking for love that encapsulates the message of the opening songs Cry For Me and Kind To Me as in “you could have been kind to me”. Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink (And Fall In Love) is a song where the steel guitar underlines the regret as he admonishes his friends for leaving him in an inebriated state in a bar to make a fool of himself in his search for something that might resemble love. 

That heartbreak is apparent in Outlaw’s voice but it is one that also has hope for the future and that has a quality that gives it an additional memorability. Outlaw fits with a long standing tradition in Californian country music and makes him the latest in a long line of those who are adhering to the notion of bringing what has come before into a place that makes sense on many levels to an audience that is looking for some authenticity in their (country) music.

It is to be hoped that this talented performer will achieve greater recognition as his music progresses but he is, like some many, trying to make the most of limited resources while flying well under the radar. Time will tell whether this Outlaw will be on the wanted list outside of his home state. But catch up with his releases to date, I don’t think you will regret making his acquaintance.