Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons - Vital Music

Fronting her three piece band ,Perley plays it rough and ready with rootsy rock pumped full of power chords, fuzzed guitar and the spirit in the sky. Here the quartet are joined in the studio by guest backing vocalists, keyboard players and a steel guitar player to round out the sound. Production by Jerry DePizzo and Mike Landolt keeps it real and ready to kick ass. There are reminders all over the place in Perley’s voice and the overall sound to a selection of like-minded influences which means that while there is nothing specifically new in the soundscape they deliver, it is one that pleases nonetheless.

The ten original songs tell of people and places like Athens, George Stone and of attitude, with Howlin’ At The Moon, Bad Reputation and Down and Drunk. There are quieter moments like Rock and Roller that has insomnia as part of its theme. The Ohio-based band deliver some roughed-up roadhouse rock that engages you from the off. Milk in the Fridge is a paean to a youthful hedonistic lifestyle that doesn’t need to settle down but rather wants to live for and in the moment which is delivered with Stones-style raunch. Likewise Hurricane is a little more rock than country roll which makes this album the ideal candidate for a noisy party where the music is just on the right side of rootsy and hasn’t fallen into a bad hair metal day or night, but is still raucous enough to have the neighbours banging on the wall. Everyone can howl at the moon!