Jason Tyler Burton 'Headwaters' - Self Release

Burton is Kentucky born but now living in Utah. He is fine songwriter who has released a record that makes quite a statement.

In 2007, Jason Tyler Burton and his wife moved west from Kentucky to the Utah wilderness, leaving behind the security of a career in higher education, with a desire “to take some risks and live a better story,” The songs on Headwaters come from the stories Burton encountered while living a nomadic life in the heart of the American West; stories about the search for meaning and belonging. That search for the source of things has driven him throughout his life, now culminating in the release of the aptly-named Headwaters, Burton’s second original full-length album.

The playing, across this ensemble of six musicians, is beautifully understated and sensitive to the gentle song-writing talent of Jason Tyler Burton. Cello and violin mix seamlessly with banjo, dobro, lap steel, mandolin, harmonica and various guitars. The percussion is light and subtle with the lovely support vocals of Katy Taylor adding some real texture to the melody and song arrangements.

These are songs of compassion and understanding that reflect on our relationships, insecurities and our need for self-expression. A Fine Line sings of “sometimes you take what you are given; sometimes you can’t afford your dreams”.  The Waltz and Headwaters speak of the need to keep growing and moving despite our faults and being the best that we can be.

There is not a weak track here and the vocal delivery reminds me of a country David Gray, full of expression and passion. Headwaters  is one of the best releases of 2014 so far.