The Cousin John Band 'Broken Heart Tattoo' - Self Release

Founded in 1999, none of this four-piece are actually cousins, but they play like a family that has been together for a long time. Lead vocalist John Mobley has a very expressive and soulful voice which is perfectly complemented by the lead guitar playing of Joe Goltz. The rhythm section, David O’Brien on drums and Tim Howe on bass, is very solid and fills out the sound with seasoned playing and a restrained approach to the arrangements.

They have a bluesy, rootsy, soulful sound that is not a far step from a John Hiatt or Allman Brothers groove (She’s Got Angels and 110 Years). The songs roll by at an easy pace with Foolin’ and Down to You showing the different sides of the band. The arrangement on Mary’s in the Bathtub is more traditional country and Dreams Are Yours to Keep displays a simple folk influence to what is an engaging collection and one that is laced with pleasant surprises