Bruce Joseph 'Look Out' - Self Release

Bruce Joseph, the Belfast based singer songwriter, has been unknown to me until recently.  I was given his debut release, which dates back to 2011, with a view to expanding his listening audience and awareness factor. There has been a subsequent EP in 2012 and a more recent single, which features the talents of Ruth Trimble.

Joseph channels the feelings of everyman in his gentle songs. There are themes of commitment, regret, wistful longing and knowing remorse. The song arrangements are beautifully played by a small group of musicians who adopt an acoustic flavoured ‘less is more’ approach. The sensitive playing complements the songs perfectly and the overall feeling is one of sweet vignettes, sung with warmth and highlighting some lovely harmony singing from Una MCann.

There is a new release due later this year and the recent single Fallen Sun features a fine video on You Tube which is well worth checking out.

Whether singing about leaving or remaining in a relationship, there is no doubt that Bruce Joseph is a very talented song-writer and the title of the debut release, Look Out is very apt. He is certainly a rising talent to watch.