Madison Violet 'Self-Titled' - Passenger Sounds

This four track primer from a forthcoming new release shows Madison Violet in a new light. Firmly established as a duo in country/folk circles, this release sees the two stretch out into new territory. The opening song Under Fire, sounds like a Scissors Sisters track with the up-tempo beat and a celebratory, sing-along chorus.

We get a similar feel with These Ships which rocks out in a style that shows a new commercial leaning, complete with brass and string arrangement. Operator is a hit single, if ever I heard one, driving along with a song structure that hints of dance-floor mayhem.

Finishing with Trouble, this  new direction could hint at exactly that, with loyal fans disappointed and the risk of losing supporters along the way. However, I applaud Madison Violet for exploring a new direction and even if this sounds somewhat over-produced in parts, there is no doubting the two fine talents at play here.