Spike Flynn 'Rough Landing' - Self Release

Spike Flynn was born in Forbes, New South Wales and is now based in Sydney, Australia. This is his second release, with his first album It’s Alright achieving a number 10 slot on the September 2010 Euro Americana charts. Rough Landing contains a high standard of song-writing with the 13 tracks displaying a lived-in quality of storytelling. The songs explore life with its beauty, sorrows, and joys, and often have a philosophical and spiritual aspect with meaningful, thought provoking lyrics. His voice has a tired edge and reminds me of Johnny Cash or John Stewart in tone.

There are shades of the blues and country influences and the playing is of a high quality throughout. Fiddle, mandolin and banjo mix seamlessly with harmonica and guitars. Fate and Freedom is a terrific opening song that pits enduring love against death and bitter fate. Wonderful words delivered in a true country style. Songs like Trying to Get Home Blues, Frozen Words, Ragin’ against the Wind and All you Lonesome Hobos speak to the inner strength in all of us and our need to endure. Don’t Let Her Sail Away and Hero’s Mask also impress with fine ensemble playing and a great production by Damian Flynn throughout. This artist is a really fine example of the talent that exists out there in music land but sadly, under the radar. Highly recommended