Terry Penney ‘Once Upon A Blue Moon’ - Citadel House

After a number of critically albums that highlighted Penney’s strong writing and vocal delivery he has, like many an artist before him, decided to take a break and make an album that is a tribute to the artists he grew up with. Inspired by those whose music came from the speakers of car radios, jukeboxes and the record player at home during the 1950s.

Produced by Penney himself it delivers the songs with affection, appreciation and with a clear articulation. However the danger always here is that it is very hard to make these songs totally your own. Often, even at their best, they are too readily compared to the classic songs which have survived in the public consciousness simply because they are so iconic. With names like Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry associated with the song choices you can see the possible conflicts.

However taken within it’s parameters and as a whole it is an enjoyable, well executed album that celebrates the simplicity and satisfaction of the songwriting and production of that era and if it serves to introduce any new ears to some timeless music then job well done. It is not however the music that Terry Penney will be remembered for. He, no doubt, enjoyed making this album and it may perhaps serve to reconnect him with the skills required to write great songs and to understand the power of a story well told and sung. Something he already knows but may serve as a refresher course. In that light it will be interesting to see what his next step is. In the meantime this will be something that fans of these songs and of Penney himself will raise a smile and tap a foot along with.