Carrie Clark and the Lonesome Lovers 'Between the Bed Sheets and Turpentine' - Self Release

This is the third full release from Seattle resident who mixes country, folk, jazz and music hall. Backed by her fine band, the Lonesome Lovers and ably assisted by Greg Fulton on a wide variety of instruments, the thirteen songs here are an enjoyable listening experience. There is accordion mixed with mandolin, lap steel and ukulele balanced against clarinet, violins, cellos, violas that contribute to an overall musical feast of different styles and tastes.

Forgotten Time is a tale of life lived and rueful regret that boasts a driving arrangement and some great guitar playing. Where Are You is a gentle ballad that pines after the thrill of attraction and What Have We Done relates a sorry tale of misplaced actions by mankind in search of some sense of immorality. The Night Before is a teasing, sultry song that warns of the dangers in a one-night stand and of passion mixed with carefree abandon.

Fade Away is a highlight with a simple melody and insight into loneliness.  It Burns comes straight out of a noir movie soundtrack with an atmosphere of dark shadows and wet streets, shimmering guitar and restrained tempo.    

Down At My Knees boasts a powerful arrangement with dynamic string crescendos and the song cycle ends with the gentle Sing Me that settles down the spirit with a sleepy lullaby.