Steve Hill 'Solo Recordings -Volumes 1, 1.5, 2' - No Label Records

Steve Hill has spent 20 years touring and recording as a singer and guitar player before building this one-man band concept. It has an original source in singing and foot stomping, while playing guitar, before adding other instruments.

Hill explains that “I have a bass drum, a snare and a hi-hat that I play with my feet, and I have a drum stick on my guitar’s headstock, so I play the cymbal. I modified my guitar so I can play bass and guitar at the same time,” - as if it were that simple!

These three releases, spanning three years, are a vibrant overdose of blues music from one of Canada’s most respected guitar players. 

Recorded live in the studio, the sound is raw and stripped right down to the essence of the blues. Slide guitar dominates the 27 tracks across these releases and the playing is really impressive.

There are a few cover versions thrown into the mix but the outstanding theme is the primal recognition of the elements that drive our passion for Blues music. His vocal delivery is very much like a Greg Allman, with the same sense of personality and timing.

Chris Whitley was in this space before he died and the Black Keys have ploughed a similar furrow at times. We are seduced into a laid back approach in the arrangements, with plenty of space and a clear production to drive the songs along. A worthy project and a rewarding listen