Awna Teixeira 'Wild One' - Self-Release

This second album from former Po’ Girl member is every bit as good, if not better than, its predecessor Where the Darkness Goes. It again highlights her distinctive vocal style, her writing and song arrangements. A multi-instrumentalist, Teixeira recorded this album in Toronto with co-producer Dave MacKinnon. The end result is a striking combination of words and music. The music is subtle, but highly effective, with bass and drums laying down a solid foundation for the electric guitar and piano as well as the numerous other textures from the instruments played by Teixeira throughout. It is the layered vocals however which give the focus to the whole project. In this she is joined for harmonies, at times, by fellow singer Oh Susanna.

Without a lyric sheet it is not always easy to follow the lyrical content, but you are soon absorbed into the heart of these rewarding songs, while additional plays give you more lines and you gain a greater understanding of their meaning. One is drawn to the emotion of a person who has an obvious affinity for her fellow humans and the way that life has a way of getting in the way. These are personal songs and Teixeira has been touched by the destructiveness of metal illness in her family and use her music as a means to raise awareness of that. That is done with a lightness of touch and a gentle approach that will make Wild One something of a healing song for many.

Many of these songs were written by Teixeira while in Salt Lake City and the landscape and people of Utah provided her with inspiration. The cover artwork comes from another Salt Lake City affiliate, Claire Taylor. It’s a depiction of the wild animal as a metaphor for a free spirit. This is what Teixeira is and this album is a reflection of that and a thoroughly rewarding experience on every level. One listen to the closing song here, Away We G,o will confirm the special talent that is Awna Teixeira.