Charlie Roth 'Oh My Stars' - Medicine Show

The latest album from singer/songwriter Charlie Roth has a relaxed feel that finds him touching a number bases and recording with a variety of accomplices. He is joined by his band The Healers, a trio of bass, drums and guitar as well as by the Celtic tones of Ring of Kerry on two songs. The harmonies of sisters The Henry Girls are also heard on several tracks. They add a sense of Leonard Cohen style close harmony behind the lead vocal on Five More Minutes. They join Roth on Jocelyn with Henry Girl Lorna McLaughlin adding accordion to the sisterly vocals on a gentle reminiscence. Lady of the West has a deliberate Celtic feel to atale of famine emigration that has a big full all-singing vocal chorus.

Roth possesses a warm voice that has a gentleness that suits may of these easy to assimilate songs, all of which use the players to best effect. Good tells that most people want to be good, in what is an uplifting and most likely true sentiment. Roth has co-written some of these songs with fellow writers like Buddy Mondlock, others are self written and one, Imma Maker Happy was written by Matt Walvatne. Roth produced the album which was recorded in such diverse places as Minnesota, North Carolina, Donegal and Dublin. The diverse recording locations all just serve to show that the music is universal and where it was recorded has no appreciable difference to the overall feel. Although the album doesn’t detail who exactly contributes to which track, the diverse nature of the participants means there is a sense of mix and match to suit the songs, so there are moments of folk, country blues, roots music and Celtica on show.

This an easy album to listen to and there is a sense of community involved that accounts for more than just the location and nationality of those involved; it comes from Roth’s musical leadership and production. By this stage Charlie Roth will have his admirers and fans and that is pretty understandable. Like Roth,  Oh My My highlights a man at ease with life and where it has brought him; a song that combines the great beyond with the simpler pleasure of being alone with a loved one. Oh My Stars is not an album that will change your life, but is one that will make it a little easier to enjoy the right moments.