Erich McMann ‘Trucker Country’ - Paisley Cowboy

A trucker who loves making music too. This collection of original songs finds McMann contributing all the instruments and vocals for this album. McMann’s heart is in the right place but the nature of the project means that everything tends to sound a little underpowered and more like a set of home recorded demos. Which essentially is what it is. The overriding theme from the hand drawn cover rig image through songs like Trucker Country, The Trucker Blues, Truckin’ Daddy, Keep on Truckin’ and Big Rig Rollin’ pretty much gives you the whole picture. A country styled album with some easy going songs that will find favour with those with a similar occupation or disposition.

MCMann should be encouraged in that he is doing, it's something that he loves and that’s fairly obvious, but you have to factor in that when put up against something like Dale Watson’s Trucking Sessions albums it tends to be overtaken the fast lane. Never-the-less one should not necessarily dismiss the endeavour. I hope that McMann carries on making the music for his sake as an outlet he enjoys. There is nothing specifically unique or outstanding about the songs but neither is there anything particularly off putting. But if he keeps working at the writing then any future recordings may also gain more traction on a lot of fronts. It may not be one for the masses but should be sufficent for his fans.