Alice DiMicele 'Swim' - Alice Otter

 Originally from New Jersey but now based in Oregon, Alice DiMicele has released 12 prior records over a career that has spanned 27 years since her first release in 1988. Her songs reflect the environmental, LGBT, and anti-war interests and she draws from a rich musical background including folk, jazz, funk, rock and soul.

Having played with such greats as Bonnie Raitt, Joan Baez, JJ Cale, Arlo Guthrie and Steve Winwood among others, her craft has been finely developed to a level where she packs quite a musical punch. Alice sings with a deeply soulful and expressive voice and the song If I Could Move the World is the perfect vehicle to highlight her impressive range and phrasing. Featuring quite a collection of musicians including Bill Payne from Little Feat, her songs are filled with character and depth in both the production and delivery. Open Road and Old Life Back are songs that look to the way life should be lived while Inside speaks of the spirit living on after the body is gone. Her music is rich in so many ways.