Whelan 'The Story of Ike Dupree' - Presidio

Following on from Flood Waters Rising (2013), this release is a 13 track blues inspired journey that include the adventures of Ike Dupree, who crops up in a number of songs. His character was inspired by the abuse of police powers in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. The songs include a horn section that is arranged by both Fred Wesley (8 tracks) and Ron Horton (3 tracks).

The backline is excellent on all songs and the edge provided by the backing singers and tight arrangements lead to a very energising listen. Organ and piano mix with the percussion and wind instruments to produce a heady thrill on songs like Ice Water and Lighten Up. Too Cold Ohio Blues has a traditional stripped back sound and the Rainmaker has a light jazz swing to the arrangement with the horn section stealing the show.

Sid Whelan has an impressive guitar prowess, holding his own against a coterie of accomplished players.